Jordan Webb

Jordan Webb

Jordan is an avid gamer, and spent most of his years playing on a multitude of different platforms. Starting out with the NES, he branched off into PC gaming in his teenage years, which is where he spends most of his gaming time today.  Favourite Genres - RTS, Western RPG's, MMO's & Third Person Action Currently Playing Too Much Of - The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt (He isn't sorry) and World of Warcraft (Almost sorry).

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The Universim - Latest Build Update

The Universim has been updated to 0.0.12, which means new things to do as well as some slight balancing. 

New builds are being implemented on a regular basis, and Jordan goes over the latest changes in our Overview video below.

By Fire Be Purged - Ragnaros Enters Heroes Of The Storm

Ragnaros has been added to the ever increasing Heroes Roster, and is now available to play on the live servers.

See our video below for an overview of what to expect with this latest Melee Assassin Hero.

The Division - DirectX 12 Performance Boost Vs DirectX 11

After first being teased in The PC 1.4 PTR Beta in late August, Massive have finally added DirectX 12 to The Division earlier this month.

While some titles offer varying results with the new API, The Division appears to benefit greatly from the latest update. See our video below for an in-game performance benchmark.

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