Wildstar - Is It Any Good Yet? stars

Wildstar enjoyed high praise, but subscription numbers began to drop, and the MMO was made free to play shortly after. Has the game improved on it's faults since then? Find out in our re-review below.

An Idiot Plays Subnautica Episode 2 stars

Subnautica is once again the Let's Play focus of the week, and Jordan revisits the depths of this vicious and unforgiving alien ocean in order to survive. Will he stay alive, or will the horrors of the depths finally consume…

The Division - Is It Any Good Yet? stars

The Division enjoyed some critical success at launch, but as players became quickly frustrated with the loot system, and repetitive questing; the scores began to slowly drop. Almost a year after launch, and numerous patches and content updates, has The…

The Elder Scrolls Online - Is It Any Good Yet? stars

As part of our brand new series, join Jordan as he revisits Tamriel almost 3 years since it was originally launched. While hopes for the game were high, it failed to keep momentum from launch, and left many fans confused…

5 Early Access Games You Should Play In 2017 stars

Whenever you jump in invest into an Early Access title, you're always opening yourself up to a risk of disappointment. Some developers never deliver on what they originally planned to, and others can halt the creation of their products half-way…

This Week In Gaming

We've created a brand new Gaming News Feature, which will release every Saturday. We'll be covering the latest in gaming news across all platforms, so make sure you head over to our YouTube and Subscribe if you'd like to get…

The Universim - Latest Build Update

The Universim has been updated to 0.0.12, which means new things to do as well as some slight balancing. New builds are being implemented on a regular basis, and Jordan goes over the latest changes in our Overview video below.

By Fire Be Purged - Ragnaros Enters Heroes Of The Storm

Ragnaros has been added to the ever increasing Heroes Roster, and is now available to play on the live servers. See our video below for an overview of what to expect with this latest Melee Assassin Hero.

The Division - DirectX 12 Performance Boost Vs DirectX 11

After first being teased in The PC 1.4 PTR Beta in late August, Massive have finally added DirectX 12 to The Division earlier this month. While some titles offer varying results with the new API, The Division appears to benefit…