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GTA V Could Feature Entire Of Liberty City Thanks To Modders

The modding team behind the popular OpenIV have announced that they will soon be releasing a mod that adds GTA IV's Liberty City to GTA V.  Instead of overwriting the content already available, the Russian team are seeking to add to city as a separate island instead, allowing players to freely migrate between the two.

In order for the tool to work, players will need to own a copy of both GTA IV and GTA V, as the mod uses a process which requires converting and then pasting the old assets into the latest one. Liberty City is one of the series most densely and largest maps, so the conversion will be no simple task, however, the team behind the tool have stated that the mode should be available "as soon as possible.” As there are no current screenshots of the new content available at the time of writing, then the time implications behind this statement are yet to be seen. 

It is also worth mentioning that the mod will only work in single player only and that attempts to use the tool online could very well likely result in a ban.

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