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Mass Effect: Andromeda 'Environments Gameplay' To Be Shown Next Week


As part of Nvidia's CES 2017 Keynote

With what could be one of the most hyped and longest drawn out titles set to release next year, Bioware have confirmed that their latest title in the Mass Effect Universe is set to release in Spring 2017. 

While the game has been pushed back before, the newly stated launch window looks ever more likely, as the developers have also announced that there will be an 'environments and gamplay' focus at Nvidia's CES Keynote on 04/01. With the circulating rumors that the company's flagship GPU the GTX 1080Ti also set to be unveiled, it is likely that would could see the title showcased in 4K while using the new card.

We will keep you updated as more information comes through, including from the event itself, so make sure to follow us between 5th-8th of Jan for more details.

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